Hello Dear Ones

Oh my goodness.  I am not that sarcastic, though I appreciate the art of it.  But I get a little snarky when I hear the term “Clean Eating”.

We all know when people use that term ,they mean free of certain “undesirable” components in food.

Maybe it’s like Panera (ugh) that advertises eating should be free of xyz .

Or back in my dieting/disordered eating days in the 90’s where the fitness/bodybuiliding industry coined the term to mean free of anything but protein and vegetables.  

Now I see clean eating being used as a term to be free of even basic food groups, such as certain starches and grains, certain fat and of course sugar.

If we want to cut to the chase here, when people say clean eating, they are restricting.  Restricting because they think that by “being above” eating or needing/wanting certain things, they are above being criticized and maybe, just maybe, will feel safer or more loveable.

That if I get the “leaner” or “healthier body”, I will be doing something right, have say over something, be doing the right thing, be somebody.

It is hard to hear that striving after “clean eating” is more about soothing hurts than it is about the food.  Or health.

We don’t need perfect eating to be healthy. Or Happy.  Or Loveable.  Or Worthy.

We need trust and slowing down and listening.  More listening.