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Hello loyal friends

I have definitely been slowing down a bit, which I feel my body, mind and soul have been craving.  I love reflecting on my year and savoring the pausing that most of us seem inclined to allow.  I hope you have plans to place extra self care in your days because we may need it for a number of reasons.

 Even though we may like this time of year, we have others that we interact with that may not be or know how to support our changing eating habits, improved body acceptance or evolution of personal power.  We have to have compassion for our journey and compassion for where they are at as well.  We may be in old situations or places where we used to diet, binge, restrict or purge.  

It’s not that you totally have forgotten what you have learned if you have recently or not so recently given up dieting or in recovery from an eating disorder, it’s that we may still have some things to notice and learn about before these old places and people who have been around for a while and that were a part of the beginnings of the food and weight concerns.  We are still working on letting go of the story.

Notice what you notice.  Be with the feelings.  Give yourself permission to eat, knowing that it is normal to want and enjoy more fun food.  The goal isn’t to eat it all while you can but eat it when you want it being mindful of how you want to feel.  Plan ahead for how hungry and full you want to get before each meal and know that there will be more food coming.

Please comment below.  What are some self-care and food strategies to manage hunger, fullness and fun foods that have been successful that might help others?

Much love and blessings,