“I’ll never get better.”
“I’ll never do it right.”
“I’m eating all the wrong things.”
Or just a general sense of ‘I can’t’ or ‘Why try/bother’.

Do any of these sound or feel familiar?

Many of us experience critical and judgmental thoughts towards ourself on our food recovery journey.

This is actually fairly common and can cause us to think that something is wrong or we’re messed up or that we’re not capable of doing certain things.

However, I want you to consider that maybe it’s something that’s missing instead.

What does it look like to bring balance in food recovery to those critical thoughts of ‘I can’t’?

Dorsal Beliefs

“Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory suggests that the Vagus nerve connects with the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and helps you survive by telling one of the two parts of the ANS to get to work: the Parasympathetic or the Sympathetic nervous system.

Our parasympathetic has to do with lowered energy in two ways: relaxing for rest (ventral state) and collapsing for safety (dorsal state).

The Ventral vagal state is our least protective state, about feeling safe, resting, connecting, and social engagement.

Dorsal vagal state is our most protective state, about shutting down, depression, dissociating, collapsing, “playing possum,” and immobilization.” (Avancecare.com)

The critical and judgmental thoughts actually are dorsal beliefs.

They keep us depressed and down with feelings of ‘I can’t’.

Bringing Balance in Food Recovery

The truth is, these beliefs are not an actual refection of your life.

It’s completely normal for things to be hard when you don’t know or have the experience to do something.

Don’t judge or criticize yourself for the things you feel you ‘should’ know but don’t because of developmental gaps caused by an experience with dieting, whether that’s our own experience of through that of someone else.

Let’s consider that it might not necessarily be that you can’t do something, maybe there is a barrier that’s keeping you from being able to accomplish what you’re wanting.

If you would like to begin your intuitive eating journey, I would like to offer two options from my team to you :

  1. Our Intuitive Eating Review : this is a quick but thorough look into the well known book, ‘The Intuitive Eating Workbook’. This is a great place to get started or use as a refresher
  2. Free 1:1 Call with the team : this a great opportunity to assess where you’re at and if our team is at a place to be able to help you along your journey. Relationship is key to our healing and recovery. All of our dietitians are trauma-informed and skilled in different areas. We’ll do our very best to determine which dietitian is best for you!