Food Rules

Like invisible shackles, they keep you from being satisfied.

They make you eat food you don’t want and longing for food you do want.

What keeps you tied to them?


Fear of being alone with yourself.

Or if you let the rules go, cast out of what’s popular or easy to talk about: body hatred.

Gratefully, this fear is soothe-able with support and willingness to take risks to satisfy your hungers; with and for more than just food.

There is so much more for you.  Connect with me to find out how to get there.

This call is free so you know that whether or not we ever work together, you are not broken.

If you want to see and hear more, check out my video (I am eating my favorite donut)

Funny face alert as usual with my videos.   I am coming to look forward to what face I will be making next 😉