We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s the holidays, an awkward family reunion with people you only see once a year or just a typical get-together, none of us are immune to the negative body and food talk.

But why is that the ‘go-to’ thing that people start talking about?

It may break the ice, it’s the most surface thing we can notice about someone and maybe someone simply doesn’t know how to connect with use on a deeper level that than.

Regardless of the why behind these conversations, in our family and peer groups, our body, the food we eat, the number of calories we burn or the number of steps we did or did not take become a regular staple in conversation.

This is wildly unhelpful for many of us walking our own food and body journey.

But I want to ask you, ‘How do you want to show up and interact with others if we’re not connecting around body and food talk? What do we want the relationships to look like?

Let’s dive deeper in the video below.

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