Sometimes it truly is about the little things.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the small steps we take everyday that have the greatest and longest fastest effects on our lives. It’s the small, mundane efforts we make that have the ability to rewrite our neuropathways.

It can be easy to look at the mundane and see it as boring and ‘just another thing that needs to be done’.

Growing up you may, or may not, have seen the adults in your life tending to their needs.
Seeing them do the small, every day things models to us as children what they can look like. There is an osmosis that takes place where we learn by watching others.

Seeing our parents / caregivers eat normally shows us what normal eating can look like.
Watching them create a budget shows us what being financially smart can look like.
And so on.

Unfortunately, for some of us, we didn’t have the opportunity to see healthy, attuned eating, or grocery shopping, etc. Now, as adults, we have to replace what was stolen or that never got installed into our lives.

However, we can’t just get caught up in the flow of what everyone else is doing.

We all have a tendency to recapitulate what was done to us, but it is our job to abrupt the cycle and build the new neuropathways in our minds.

The mundane activities done with curiosity and excitement have the potential to rebuild neuropathways in our brains that we missed out on growing up.