Ensuring you’re getting the nourishment you need and eating enough isn’t quite as simple as, ‘just putting the food in your mouth.’ We all know that, though we probably wish that wasn’t the case. In this week’s video series, I talk about the nourishment barriers that keep us from normative eating, receiving the nourishment that we need and how to work through those barriers. Let’s dive in!




Eat the Food if You’re Not Sure

When you hesitate to know whether you’re hungry or not, maybe just try eating something. Maybe half a granola bar or something else, doesn’t have to be a lot. By trying to eat, even when we’re not sure, we’re learning to listen to what our bodies are saying and wanting.

When You Can’t Reach for the Nourishment You Need

When we lack the ability to reach for what we truly need, we usually don’t feel safe enough, which may indicate that we haven’t been able to ground ourselves and yield. From this place, we can receive clarity around what we need. Nourishment barriers will thwart our normative eating journey.


The Art, Science and Pragmatism of Eating Enough…

We all want to slow down enough to take in exactly what we need to be in tune with our bodies and to have a loving relationship with our bodies. When we develop that relationship, we’re telling our bodies that food is a threat and is safe enough. Making time for eating enough, is a key to the pragmatism of consuming enough food.