What if I told you anger doesn’t have to be a bad thing?

What if it’s okay for you to not be okay with how you’ve been treated regarding your food and body?

Feeling all the Feelings

Maybe you’re familiar with some of these phrases :

  • ‘You couldn’t possibly still be hungry.’
  • ‘That’s bad food.’
  • ‘You shouldn’t be eating that.’
  • ‘Why are you eating that?’

When we’re made to feel guilty about our food, our agency has been taken away.
And that can be very frustrating.

And what if it was okay that this made you angry?

If there isn’t a healthy level of anger that comes to the surface, there’s a good chance you will continue the cycle of ‘could, should, would’ on yourself.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a good idea to take our anger out on others, but I do believe we can be angry and grieve of the systems and ways that people are being robbed of their agency and freedom in their lives.

If we’re able to un-blend our frustration and anger once we’re triggered by things that are said or experiences we have, we can harness any emotion and choose what we want to do with it.

Ultimately, we don’t have to see our triggers as failures.
They can also be an opportunity.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic in the videos below.