Hi all!

I hope you are well. I want to offer a summary today of some videos I recently did about fear.

Fear that if you start eating, you won’t stop. Fear that if I could just stop eating certain foods, I would feel better. Fear if I don’t get thinner or maintain where I am, then I won’t be acknowledged or I can’t stay safe.

I think our adult minds understand that we DO have acknowledgement, we just aren’t that good at trusting it or taking it in to land.

Or that if we look around our room, we have evidence of relative safety, as in not being threatened this very second.

But our bodies haven’t often caught up with our here and now understanding. This causes a rift and confusion about what to trust: the present of the education we are getting around how to trust the body, seeing the evil constructs of diet culture and how it causes separation and jealousy and knowing that most people don’t think that much about what we look like or that we can become our own nutrition experts.

That body fear can keep us stuck in the past or making up stories about the worst case in the future. 

And the result: not getting our needs met nutritionally, causing more obsession or driving under or over emotional eating.

To go deeper with both of these ideas, please watch the short videos below and let me know in the comments: what split are you fighting with and HOW can you use here and now presence to make a decision about what is most supportive to all the parts of yourself.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

Peaceful Eating,

PS: And if your eating isn’t feeling so peaceful, let connect to see what needs to happen to get there: link for a free call http://bit.ly/tracybclaritycall 

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