Please make sure you watch the video first before you move onto the materials below, so that you know exactly how to use them to fully support your process as you go through this module!

Welcome to our first Module of Attuned Eating for Attuned Living!

I am excited you are here and ready to dive into guiding you towards a peaceful relationship with food, weight and yourself.

Please remember that this is a process. Don’t expect huge changes overnight (although that might happen) but more likely you will be able to look back over each module and feel and see your mindset and behaviors shifting.

Please remember the concept of finding your flow with the materials. Schedule in your time for the meditation, audios and readings but don’t allow it all to become something that causes stress; of course that is not the point!

I look forward to hearing from you all in the FB group; please don’t be shy.

Core Content in Module 1:

  • Understanding what intuitive is and isn’t and getting started doing it.
  • How intuition helps people end symptoms such as:
    • lack of trust in their bodies,
    • obsession about food and weight,
    • how to prevent emotional eating because of deprivation with food or even thoughts of depriving of food, and
    • letting go of the fear that your health will be damaged if you don’t lose weight.

Topic/Goal: Getting Attuned with Your Body