About Beverly


Beverly has been an RD for over 25 years. Throughout her career, she has provided nutritional counseling to men and women of all ages and with various health concerns. Over the years, Beverly’s approach with clients has shifted to a strictly Health at Every Size/weight neutral focus with the long-term goal of utilizing Intuitive Eating as a guide to nourishing the body and mind. This transformation in focus occurred as a result of healing her own relationship with food and her body.

Like many women, starting at an early age, Beverly spent many years struggling with yo-yo dieting, weight cycling and disordered eating behaviors trying to achieve what was considered the “perfect” body, “perfect” health, and “perfect” life based on the number on the scale. It was to the point that it was life-consuming! Virtually every special event in her life was overshadowed by her obsession with food and her body…from compulsive calorie counting at birthday parties, dinners and holidays; to scrutinizing herself in the mirror and
obsessing over her appearance at proms, high school and college graduation. These obsessions were even lurking at her own wedding and the pregnancy and births of her children!

Several years ago, she decided enough was enough and was determined to heal her relationship with food and
her body, and she engrossed herself in learning about and practicing intuitive eating, mindful eating and HAES. It
wasn’t without much hard work, but the freedom she discovered has been nothing short of life-changing! She is
able to enjoy life fully and focus on what really matters to her which is cultivating life experiences and nurturing
relationships with those she cares about. These days, Beverly enjoys life by spending time with her friends and family, including her fur babies. Her hobbies include crafting, scrapbooking, camping, reading, and traveling.

It is now her dream to be able to help others overcome these challenges and experience a life free from the chains of diet culture and body image and food obsession. It would be her honor to guide and assist you on your own personal journey, whether it be healing an eating disorder or disordered eating or addressing health concerns from a Health at Every Size lens without focusing on “dieting” or shrinking your body.

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