Tracy Brown, RD

Reclaim your birthright as the expert on your food and weight!

No more hiding, perfectionism, shame or worry about not knowing how or what to eat in a way that is sustainable and pleasurable. Learn to trust your body, heal your relationship with food and body image and to ride the waves of what comes your way emotionally with somatic nutrition counseling.

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Current Services Include

One to One Coaching

I can work with you via Skype, Facetime or phone from any place in Florida and Intuitive Eating Coaching all over the world!  From the privacy of your home, we can connect.  I will coordinate with your home town treatment team (therapist, physician, etc) to provide a team-based approach (nutrition counseling, therapy and medical guidance) to help guide you towards full recovery.

Peaceful Eating Community

Your ultimate support group that will guide you towards a peaceful relationship with food, weight and yourself. This community will help you uncover your ability to eat confidently from hunger and fullness. You will receive compassion and be reminded to provide self-compassion, food awareness exercises, body image, and nurture an emotional connection with yourself.

Professional Training

I desire to see more loving courageous RD's and coaches feel confident and less afraid to dive into non-diet, in-depth counseling to get to the heart of our clients' food and weight worries. They deserve more than here's your meal plan or don't worry your weight is fine. You were born to serve; let's become the brave space holder our clients need us to be!

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Want to be at peace with food and your weight?

Have you been told you have an eating disorder?

Today is the beginning of the end of your struggles with food and body image concerns!

Do You…

  • Think about food (how much, when, what) 24/7?
  • Feel you can’t stop eating?
  • Struggle to manage your weight even though trying to?
  • Want to learn to eat from hunger and fullness?
  • Need help learning to like your body?
  • Want to discover your healthy weight?
  • Feel confused about how to eat well?
  • Sick of counting calories (fat/carbohydrates)?
  • Tired of exercise being a should and feeling guilty about how much/little you move?
  • Know that you are struggling with an eating disorder but not sure what you need to recover?

I have been in your shoes…

If any of the above has impacted your life then you are in the right place.  I am honored to provide a space for you to heal your weight and food issues and give you permission to trust your body’s appetites, hungers, and needs. I would have said yes to all of the above questions 20 years ago.  I held so much shame about not being able to “fix it” myself and felt like no one “got” all the rules and talk in my head;  I even knew it was irrational but didn’t know what else to do. My mission is to coach women, men and children/adolescents who are struggling with food obsessions and discomfort with and in their bodies, to build healthy, joyful relationships with food and body image so they can be free and empowered to fully live their lives.

You have the ability to have a “normal” relationship with food.  I believe it with all my heart and I look forward to serving you in this journey by helping you:

  • Accept the fact that dieting or even eating low-calorie to “eat healthy” causes the body to perceive famine, therefore making us regain the lost weight 95% of the time.  The longer we diet, the higher weights can go; now is the time get reconnected with your body!
  • Believe that you can trust your body to manage your weight by listening to your signals of hunger, fullness and appetite and I can show you how to do it.
  • Stay committed when you feel anxious, sad or frustrated with the ups and downs that are normal to occur—it is a process
  • Envision and work towards a life eating what you want, eating out with friends and family and not feeling out of control or deprived.
  • Sit with you in any fear you might have of your body changing or of weight gain.  I use a specific process of decoding “I feel fat” and “I gotta eat” that helps understand those fears.
  • Stop the chain of body loathing, passing on empowerment to the next generation.
  • Heal or support your healing from disordered eating.
  • Experience joyful movement for pleasure and health, not forced exercise!
  • Discover a mode of eating that is right for you!

Let's Work Together!

Let's find out if Intuitive Eating Counseling is the missing piece to more ease and freedom for you.